• Heidi Carey-Molloy Reply

    Fabulous photo Shane;)

  • Mika Rooney Reply

    Dean Gorden Nicole Gorden

  • Fran Upton Reply

    Good on you kids.

  • Rebecca Maree Clarke Reply

    Kristy Anne this pic! 😍

  • Savanah Huxham Reply

    Kyra Brunt

  • Kerri-Ann Kriedemann Reply

    Awesome photo. 👌👌

  • James McNeill Reply

    Awesome photo of the Bribie tradition.

  • Renny Wulff Havelock Reply

    The Dux this year Elle Toering is my cousin Robert’s grand-daughter. Does Harrison know her?

  • Rob Bain Reply

    Tate Gilmore

  • Peter Dunn Reply

    Kerrie Piva

  • Melanie Hinckesman Reply


  • Caz Ford Reply

    Great pic. Hope they had a great time.

  • Tayah O'Sullivan Reply

    Peta Schrodter

  • Steven Edwards Reply

    What a bloody awesome shot, Shane!!!!

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