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Hey there ‘In The Frame’, awesome pics, keep’m coming 👍.
This is a pic taken from my GoPro. I also enjoy capturing that perfect pic too, but all i have is my GoPro & iphone 5.
Im unsure of what sort of Camera to get for starting off that dosent cost to much, could you please help me out with some info.
I have a fb page too, A J S photography, please check it out.
Thanks 😃


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  • Grip-N-Rip Photography Reply

    Hi Adrian, thanks for your post Mate, awesome shot those Go pro’s are an amazing little camera I love mine. As For a camera Mate I use a Canon DSLR and find it to do everything I’ve ever needed it to do. I have Friends who use Nikon and all say the same thing great camera’s, So my advice to you is walk in to your local camera shop, have a feel & play with both brands within your budget and go from there Mate. I will head over to your page and give it a “LIKE” and look forward to following you & your photos, Cheers Shane.

  • Anonymous Reply

    Awesome. Thanks heaps Shane. 😃

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