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Received a TOP 12 for a Black & White Theme with an image of The Bribie Island Bridge. Top row , 2nd from the left. 🙂

The TOP 12 for Sunday 06 May 2018 / BLACK & WHITE / SEPIA
The favourites of Heinrich Johannes Siepmann
© All copyrights reserved by Artopho and the authors (from left to right without any ranking):
Anita Kiss:
Shane T Reynolds:
Michalis Christou:
Alain Gontier:
Roberta Cotigni:
Merav Salomon Kadosh:
Doug Niven:
Monika Monk Dawid:
Föl Dipali:
Bertrand Bigo:
Cristina Pisaneschi:
Donna Edman:


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    Well done Shane. Very proud of you cousin. xx

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